Collectible Wood Dolls

"I have told you many times, but there is NOTHING on the market that compares to your art works…" Peggy R.

Alice in Wonderland & Mushroom

Alice now available with our new 2016 design for her Mushroom...


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This is one of the beautiful mushrooms we are doing for this New Year.

Caterpillar: side will make you grow taller.

Alice: One side of what?

Caterpillar:....and the other side will make you grow shorter.

Alice: The other side of what?

Caterpillar: The Mushroom, of course!


From: Alice in Wonderland.

Received Santa today, he blew me away, just fabulous. Thank you so much and Merry Christmas. Theresa.

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Pinocchio & Gepetto

Our 40" Geppetto & 24" Pinocchio Click Here for more information.

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