Cowgirl Dress Up Outfit

Cowgirl Outfits for our 12" dolls. The vest & skirt are made in house from genuine soft leather. The skirt has a contrasting fringe & both the skirt & vest are studded with gold stars. There may be some colour variation with the leather, we can also do special colours by request.

The checkered blouse is made from 100% cotton with a back opening. The front has 3 tiny buttons and a matching tie sewn at the neck of the blouse to give it an authentic finish.

Comes packaged in a CLEAR plastic bag.  Price $145.00 USD

Cowgirl Hat & Boots

These are made in house from Genuine leather. The hat has a leather strap with a bead closure. The boots have an opening along the back with a tiny bead closure to make putting them on easier.

Comes packaged in a clear plastic box.  Price $100.00 USD.

Purchase as a set - SKIRT, VEST, BLOUSE HAT & BOOTS  Price $195.00 USD

Vest, Skirt & Blouse

Cowgirl Hat & Boots

The Complete Cowgirl Outfit