“…Goldilocks, who was sometimes so curious she forgot her manners, opened the door and invited herself in…”

                                                                                                                                                                Click Image to enlarge...

The classic tale of Goldilocks was brought to us by the Brothers Grimm to remind us to use caution with our curiosity and respect all others. Now this classic story has been brought to life by Xenis. Goldilock’s comes with a backdrop that was hand painted by Ross Adams. It was then professionally scanned and printed on a foldable back board to bring this story straight to your home.


Goldilocks stands 13″ in height and has an amazing 13 moveable joints for maximum poseability. She is hand carved from Western Maple wood and finished with a non-toxic clear coat that gives her a very natural look.


She is wearing a beautiful silk dupionni dress and pinafore that can be removed for cleaning or to change her outfit. Her shoes are black leather mary janes with a bow on the toe.


Goldilocks has her classic golden hair, which is an exquisite mohair wig and she comes with a bowl of porridge that she is enjoying outside the three bears cabin.


Goldilocks is limited to 50 pieces worldwide and is numbered and signed by the artist on her foot. Her backdrop is signed and numbered to match the doll.


Goldilocks face is hand painted with light washes to allow the beauty of the wood to show through. She has beautiful green-brown eyes and pale lips that accent her dress.


We offer a flexible, personally tailored lawayay plan


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