Company Policies

Layaway - Instalment Plan


We are pleased to offer our collectors an extremely flexible, personally tailored layaway or instalment plan.


How it Works:


Our Layaway Plan is designed especially for your budget.


We set up a Private Personal Page on the website that only you have access to. We then put a secure Paypal button or buttons on the page in the amount or amounts that have been arranged with you. The beauty of this is that automatic debits are not made from the credit card on specific dates.


All that you have to do is go to your private page once a month or as arranged to make a payment.


Contact Us:


If you are interested in setting up a Layaway plan or finding out more about it, please contact us by email at or by phone at 604 856 9613.


Please note layaway deposits are not refundable


Comments about our layaway plan:


Marlene, thank you for setting up my layaway plan the way you did. I have always wanted Snow White, but could not afford to buy her all at once. Your layaway plan and the flexibility of payments it allows, has meant that I will soon own her. Thank you. Alice P.


Hi, I have made my first payment! I like having my own pay button pretty cool. I like the way it is set up. Very unique. I really appreciate layaway and great price and free ship. I love buying from the doll artist, awesome. Tina B.


Hello, what a fantastic way to do a layaway plan! Thank you so much for working with me ( and my budget ). I really appreciate the lengths you have gone to to arrange my payment process. Can't wait to get my doll! Joyce C.


Wonderful!! Thank you so much for woking with me so that I could pay in instalments over several months. I love your dolls and look forward to collecting my next one. Marian C.


Return Policies


We regret that we do not offer refunds. Exchanges can be arranged by calling us at (604) 856-9613 or by email at Please note that we do not accept returns without a pre-authorization code which we will provide either by phone or email.


Special order deposits, layaway deposits and shipping charges are non-refundable. When a free shipping item is returned, the shipping charges we incurred will be deducted from the credit amount.