Ellen Sue Blakey, Director of the Dancing Bear Folk Center Museum writes -

"For anyone looking to broaden their existing collection - or starting to collect- I believe wood will continue to have a special place.... It may not be large , but it is an extension of the woodcarver's art. Xenis' work in this field is especially worth collecting for the long haul.

Dolores Hurtt, Director of "The Theresa Neaves Memorial Doll Museum" (which has an extensive Xenis collection writes -"I am always surprised at the beauty and craftmanship of each new Xenis doll. ...They are true artists, and I appreciate their talent and dedication."

*from the article in Dolls Magazine by Alexander Boldizar.

Hi Marlene,


Yes "Charlie" arrived today and is unbelievable! What a joy to own. And speaking of JOYS, YES to "Oliver" as he is!!! I just love the little guy. I think he is a real winner. I can hardly wait to see what you come up with the new requests, they sound fabulous.


Randy C.

Marlene they("Fitzgerald, Didsbury & Ottawa") are absolutely gorgeous and will definitely enhance my collection. This now makes 15 of your beautiful musical Jesters!

Yours Sincerely,


Hi Marlene,  


I received the "Santa" and he is WONDERFUL, WONDERFUL, WONDERFUL!!! Thank you so much for making him for me, and for shipping him so quickly. I have told you many times, but there is NOTHING on the market that compares to your art works....Again thanks so much, I love the "Santa".


Peggy R.


Hi Marlene, 


I absolutely LOVE "Mrs. Claus" - she's beautiful! I was thrilled to get her as a good-bye gift. The retirement party was a Christmas party ( my favourite holiday ) and a lot of fun!


Thanks again,


Sue G.


Thank you to Laura sent us these lovely pictures of "Sophie, Beth & Isabella" wearing their new wardrobes she bought from us.

They look wonderful!




"Shakespeare" arrived and he is WONDERFUL!!! I love everything about him. The sculpting is wonderful. I love the clothing. I cannot express how pleased I am with him. Now I must find books worthy of being displayed with him. He and "Fagin" are displayed together on a buffet.


THANK YOU so much for sending him so I could have him for Christmas.


Peggy R.

Hi Marlene and Tania,


Today a special box arrived from you and in it was the "Princess and the Frog" - and when I first saw her, she took my breath away. Even though I had seen pictures, they didn't prepare me for what I saw. She is exquisite, fabulous, beautiful and then some. Her coloring is so soft, her dress is absolutely beautiful and has such wonderful detail. Her mohair wig is styled perfectly. Not only is the doll wonderful, the back drop is truly a work of art. I can hardly wait to find the right spot to display this beauty in my home.


Nancy J.





I just wanted to let you know that I received my "Sophie" doll today and she is wonderful!

So lovely, I can't wait to take her to my next doll club meeting and show her off!


Jayne W.



...I got "Wendy" and the look on Rachel's face when she opened her up out of her box was the best reward a mother could have wished for and I knew all my hard work had not been in vain. It was on the website of your British supplier that I got "Wendy" from that I happened to look at their other available Xenis dolls that I then saw him... "Digby" and I knew I had to have him!! And I did, he sits in my room waiting for his companion who I knew I'd get one day and I now I will. I hope I don't sound like a total

                                               sentimental fool but after nearly 30 years I have found the 2 jesters that should have always been mine. 


                                               I'm not a doll collector or anything like that but I just wanted you to know how beautiful your dolls are and

                                               the happiness they can bring to people of all ages including me. To some they are merely dolls but to

                                               others they mean a whole lot more!


                                               Karen M.





Thank you so much. Michele received the "Anne of Green Gables" today and she is so pleased. She sent me a picture of Anne sitting on their coffee table....I know Michele will enjoy "Anne" for years to come. We do appreciate you and thank you so much.


Sandy B.